Wednesday. Feb 7, 2024

The New Methods of Accreditation and External Survey by ONA

ISQua EEA is committed to sharing the experiences of and learning from its client organisations in terms of the external evaluation programmes and schemes that they deliver in their respective regions and countries. Therefore, ISQua EEA will be publishing experience papers from its client organisations on its website from 2024 detailing their experiences relating to the delivery of external evaluation services. This could include their experiences with or learning from changing or updating an aspect of service delivery such as changing an assessment methodology or process.


In this first experience paper, ISQua EEA’s client organisation Organização Nacional de Acreditação (ONA) the National Accreditation Organisation in Brazil details their experience in changing their assessment methodology from an on-site assessment methodology in 2020 to a virtual assessment methodology. They outline the steps in their journey, the key learnings from the process and how they have incorporated virtual assessment methodology into their overall assessment methodology.


Download the ONA Experience Paper here.



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