Thursday. Aug 17, 2023

ISQua EEA Awards Ceremony 2023


The ISQua EEA Awards Ceremony held at the annual ISQua conference acknowledges those client organisations who have had a set of standards, a surveyor training programme or their organisation accredited with the ISQua External Evaluation Association (ISQua EEA) in the previous year. This year’s ceremony will take place on Tuesday the 29th of August at 10:00 am in the auditorium of the COEX Convention Centre in Seoul. Twenty-eight organisations from 23 countries/regions will have awards acknowledged at this year’s ceremony.


This includes two organisations from this year’s conference host country – the Republic of Korea namely the Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation and the Laboratory Medicine Foundation. It was a year of firsts for many organisations, with new client organisations from Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia achieving ISQua EEA accreditation of their standards for the first time, while a client organisation in Romania achieved organisational accreditation for the first time and another in Korea had their surveyor training programme accredited for the first time. Existing clients based in Canada, India and Egypt also had additional sets of standards accredited with ISQua EEA for the first time. Most awards being acknowledged are re-accreditation awards which demonstrates the commitment of our client organisations to quality improvement as they continue to continuously evaluate and update their own standards or surveyor training programmes or their own processes and procedures as external evaluation organisations.


The first client to undergo an assessment under the new Standards Recognition Programme will also be acknowledged at this year’s award ceremony. The Flanders Quality Model (FlaQuM) of Leuven Institute for Healthcare Policy from Belgium achieved Standards Development Recognition in 2023. We would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to all organisations for their achievement of ISQua EEA accreditation or recognition and the ongoing commitment that this embodies to continuous quality improvement.


International Accreditation Programme (IAP) Awards

Country/Region Organisation Award(s)
Australia  Australian Council on Healthcare Standards 

EQuIP7 Residential and Home Care Services Standards


National Health Regulatory Authority

Accreditation Standards for Hospital Facilities V1 & Accreditation Standards for Medical Centres V2

Brazil Organização Nacional de Acreditação

Manual for Healthcare Service Providers

Canada Accreditation Canada

Organisational accreditation Surveyor training programme 


College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta

Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Standards

Sleep Medicine Diagnostic Standards

College of Physicians & Surgeons BC: Diagnostic Accreditation Program of British Columbia

Organisational Accreditation

Laboratory Medicine

Accreditation Standards

Diagnostic Imaging Standards


The General Authority For Healthcare Accreditation & Regulation

Handbook for Mental Health Hospitals

France Haute Autorité de Santé

Organisational Accreditation

Surveyor Training Programme


Temos International

Excellence in Medical Tourism, Outpatient Care and Quality in Medical Care Standards


Centre for Accreditation of Health and Social Care

Quality and Accreditation Institute

Accreditation Standards for Hospitals


 Japan Council for Quality Health Care

Hospital Standards

Jordan   Health Care Accreditation Council   

Organisational Accreditation

 Republic of Korea   Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation   

Surveyor Training Programme

Hospital Accreditation Standards

 Republic of Korea  

Laboratory Medicine Foundation


Surveyor Training Programme

Laboratory Medicine Accreditation Program Standards

 New Zealand   BSI Group   

Organisational Accreditation

 Romania   Romanian National Authority of Quality Management in Healthcare   

Organisational Accreditation

 Saudi Arabia   Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group   

Person Centered Care Clinical Governance Standards

Person Centered Care Patient Experience Standards

 Saudi Arabia  

Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions


Ambulatory Healthcare Standards

 Slovenia   American Accreditation Commission International   

Accreditation Standards for Healthcare Organisations

 Spain   Andalusian Agency for Health Care Quality   

Organisational Accreditation

Clinical Management Unit (UGC) Manual


The Netherlands

  Qualicor Europe    Surveyor Training Programme 
  Türkiye    Turkish Health Care Quality and Accreditation Institute   

Surveyor Training Programme

Dialysis Center Standards

 Tunisia   Instance Nationale de l’Evaluation et de l’Accréditation en Santé   

Second- and Third-Line Hospital Standards

  United Kingdom   CHKS  

International Accreditation Programme for Healthcare Organisations

  United States of America   

Joint Commission International


Organisational Accreditation

Surveyor Training Programme

  United States of America    Global Healthcare Accreditation Programme    Medical Services Standards 



Standards Recognition Programme (SRP) Awards


  Country/Region    Organisation    Award(s) 

Leuven Institute for Healthcare Policy


Standards Development Recognition Award for Flanders Quality Model (FlaQuM)


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