The International Accreditation Programme (IAP) delivers a unique global accreditation service to health and social care external evaluation organisations and standards developing bodies.

Since 1999, the IAP has provided these organisations with an independent third-party assessment process to validate existing systems and drive continuous quality improvement. The IAP enables these organisations to demonstrate their credibility and benchmark their performance on an international level. Operating in over 60 countries, the IAP offers three separate peer review assessment options:

ISQua EEA Committees

ISQua EEA is governed and advised by two committees, the External Evaluation Award Committee (EEAC) and the Accreditation Council

External Evaluation Award Committee

The External Evaluation Award Committee is a subcommittee of the International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA) Board of Directors with responsibility for the governance and policy development of the external evaluation programmes of IEEA in accordance with the strategic plan. The External Evaluation Award Committee (EEAC) is responsible for approving external evaluation awards; approving the standards for the different IEEA programmes, and approving assessment methodologies for the different programmes.

Accreditation Council

The Accreditation Council is an advisory committee who advises and/or makes recommendations to the External Evaluation Award Committee on matters relating to IEEA’s flagship external evaluation programme - the International Accreditation Programme (IAP) and other external evaluation and accreditation-related issues.

ISQua EEA Committees

The members of the EEAC are:

Wendy Nicklin, Canada, Chair

Stephen Clark, Australia

Carsten Engel, Denmark

Shin Ushiro, Japan

Salma Jaouni, Jordan

Ellen Joan van Vliet, The Netherlands 

Committee Member Organisation Country
Stephen Clark (Chair) Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited Australia
Carsten Engel (Deputy Chair) Danish institute for Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare Denmark
Atul Mohan Kochhar National Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers India
Ann Wunsch Australian Aged Care Quality Agency Australia
Bruno Lucet Haute Autorité De Santé France
Leslee Thompson  HSO / Accreditation Canada Canada
Abdul Rahim  Malaysian Society for Quality in Health Care Malaysia
Joel Roos  Joint Commission International United States of America
Pa-Chung Wang Joint Commission Taiwan Taiwan
Jacqui Stewart Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA) South Africa
Michael Murray Diagnostic Accreditation Program, College of Physicians and Surgeons Canada
Ellen Joan van Vliet Qualicor Europe  The Netherlands
Karen Luxford  Australian Council on Healthcare Standards Australia
Moyra Amess CHKS United Kingdom
Yuichi Imanaka Japan Council for Quality in Health Care Japan
Salma Jaouni Health Care Accreditation Council Jordan
Rubens Covello IQG – Health Services Accreditation Brazil
Fabio Leite Gastal Organização Nacional de Acreditação Brazil
Alexia Costa IBES – Instituto Brasileiro para Excelência em Saúde Brazil
Salem Al Wahabi CBAHI - Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institution Saudi Arabia
 John Bell  AACI Healthcare  United States
Ron Lavater  International Hospital Federation Switzerland
David Greenfield Australian Institute of Health Service Management, University of Tasmania Australia
Shams Syed World Health Organization Switzerland

IEEA Surveyors

At the heart of the IAP are the IEEA surveyors. The IEEA has experienced international professionals who work with health and social care external evaluation organisations around the world. Their role is to validate an organisation’s self-assessment and confirm their level of achievement against the ISQua Principles and Standards. The IEEA surveyors provide the organisation with a written report identifying the organisation’s strengths and promoting continuous quality improvement.