Am I Eligible?

ISQua EEA does not directly accredit hospitals or health or social care providers.

To be eligible for assessment, an organisation must be an external evaluation organisation or a standards developing body within the health or social care sector. Before an organisation can apply for accreditation of their organisation, ISQua EEA should first accredit at least one set of their standards.

An application for accreditation of an organisation’s set of standards may only be made by the organisation that owns the standards or by a third party, with written endorsement from the establishment that owns the standards.

Please read the Guidelines and Principles for the Development of Health and Social Care Standards, 5th Edition  to determine if your standards are eligible for our programme.

In certain circumstances, external evaluation organisations that use standards developed by another body can apply for ISQua EEA accreditation of their organisation. For example, an organisation could assess against standards developed by their Ministry of Health. Evidence must be provided to demonstrate the agreement which is in place between the external evaluation organisation and the standards developer.

To apply for accreditation please complete the  online application form and pay the access fee.